Why Give to the Shiawassee United Way?

Why give to the Shiawassee United Way? Retta Parsons, CEO of the Shiawassee United Way answers, “Our main goal is to address the root causes of poverty in Shiawassee County. While we all comprehend that there is real, large-scale need in our community, we also expect that our donated dollars are being used in the most efficient and effective manner possible so that more services can get to those in need. All monies raised by Shiawassee United Way stay in Shiawassee County.”

To achieve the ambitious vision of addressing the root causes of poverty in Shiawassee County, Shiawassee United Way (SUW) offers many services to the community that had not existed previously. The organization serves as the administrator of the Shiawassee Hunger Network, which is an alliance of 11 food and personal needs pantries located throughout the county. They collaborate to better serve the many neighbors in need in the county. In 2014, the Shiawassee Hunger Network pantries distributed 361,524 complete meals to 24,553 persons. Of the people served, 58% were either under the age of 18 or over the age of 60.

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SUW is offering financial support in the form of grants to 12 programs at 9 other non-profit agencies throughout the county in 2014-2015. Programs funded by Shiawassee United Way donations must demonstrate measurable results. Site visits are made to ensure that services are delivered in the community in an efficient and effective manner. This comprehensive approach ensures accountability to donors. It also ensures that the root causes of poverty are being addressed.

Shiawassee United Way provided the 2-1-1 Human Service and Disaster Information line toll free to every person in Shiawassee County. Approximately 2,000 calls were placed to 2-1-1 by people in Shiawassee County in 2014.

You can be a vital part of the safety net to all who live and work in Shiawassee County. Please give generously by accessing the secure donation link on this website. Join our Facebook community to learn more about your Shiawassee United Way. Thank you.

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October 7, 2015

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Thank You!

The member pantries of the Shiawassee Hunger Network and the Board of Directors of Shiawassee United Way wish to thank the community members and businesses who donated fair auction animals to the Shiawassee Hunger Network. There are not words to describe the appreciation felt by the local pantry volunteers who see weekly the devastation that hunger causes in the lives of so many who live in Shiawassee County.

A special thank you is in order for the Junior Livestock Association, the Small Animal Association, Shiawassee County Farm Bureau, and the Shiawassee County Fair Board of Directors whose cooperation made all of this possible. We also wish to highlight and thank Shiawassee County 4-H and Future Farmer of America clubs for their food drive done during the fair.