Hunger Network

Helping Fight Hunger

The Shiawassee Hunger Network is an alliance of 12 independently run food pantries located throughout Shiawassee County. These pantries realize additional donations, distributions, and economies of scale because of their collaborative efforts.

As administrator of this alliance, Shiawassee United Way continues to provide fundraising, marketing, grant writing, secretarial, management, and product donation seeking services.  The alliance pantries realize reductions in administrative costs because of the efforts of your Shiawassee United Way.  This frees their resources so that they can focus on the neighbors in need that they serve.

In 2013, Hunger Network pantries distributed food to 37,937 persons.   Most pantries distribute based on 3 meals a day per person in the family for approximately 3 days.  What this means is that for those 37,937 persons, member pantries distributed approximately 191,581 complete meals.  Now that's A LOT of food!

If addressing hunger in Shiawassee County is your passion, you may help by donating to the Shiawassee Hunger Network.  Simply write a check to the Shiawassee United Way and indicate "Shiawassee Hunger Network" in the notes section.  The funds will be used to feed your neighbors in need in Shiawassee County.


Generous Community Members Donate Livestock Purchases to Shiawassee Hunger Network

Several community members purchased livestock at the 2013 Shiawassee County Fair and donated the meat to Hunger Network pantries.  This kind gesture helps not only the hungry, but also encourages the many 4H youth of the county to continue to raise livestock for the fair.

This type of partnership provides positive, lasting results for the Shiawassee County community in the education of our youth.  Stories abound of entire college educations being paid with proceeds earned from the sale of cows, pigs, sheep, and small animals.  In addition, lessons in responsibility, animal husbandry, and business management are learned.

In total, generous donors gave 7,297.7 pounds of pork, 705 pounds of lamb, 368.4 pounds of chicken, 37 pounds of duck, 425.6 pounds of goat, 90 pounds of rabbit and 386.5 pounds of turkey.  Many, many thanks are offered to every donor from the 12 Hunger Network pantries that were able to distribute the freshest of meat to their neighbors in need.  You, too, can be a part of this far reaching community partnership.  Visit the Hunger Network table this year at the Shiawassee County Fair Animal Auctions and donate all or part of an animal purchased.

Click here to view the Shiawassee Hunger Network Brochure